How to Play

Everything you do in Melodia is set to a beat. Explore the world map to go from stage to stage, find the HarmoKnight, and restore the land to its groovy glory.


Collect notes and dodge spikes, enemies, and chasms with your expertly timed jumps.


Swing your staff in time with the beat to strike foes, and hit drum flowers to get extra notes.

Types of Stages

Regular Stages

Defeat enemies and gather notes. Try and get enough notes to earn a Golden Blossom!

Boss Stages

Press buttons in time with the cues sent by your foe to beat him into submission.

More Fun Stages to Discover

Riding the Rails

Ride a monkey-shaped rail car on the track, and maneuver past obstacles by extending its legs.

Keep up with Octorina

The lovely Octorina wants to see you dance! Press buttons to mimic her fabulous moves.

Speed Mode

Ready for a faster tempo? Satisfy certain conditions to access a hyperspeed challenge.

And More!

Uncover this fun stage featuring music and scenery from the Pokémon game series!